Meet the Deanses

December 28, 2007 at 12:57 am (Current Affairs, History)

Sherrie and Marcel Deans, with their son, Jackson, stumbled upon a 16-room mansion in the Bronx last year.

It was under contract, but when the deal fell through they bought it, for $675,000.

The mansion has remained largely untouched for decades, and has all of its original details, such as the chandelier on the first floor, and detailed carvings like those found around a fireplace.

They were amazed by artifacts like an old liquor bottle of Cointreau, books in the second floor study that were left by William Evers, the previous owner, as well as original blueprints of the house.

The mansion was once a chiropractor’s office, which might explain the sink in a closet.

The family expects to move into the house in the spring.

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  1. antigenre said,

    What an amazing find!! I’d like to learn more about the previous owners and the mansion’s history.

  2. A Bronx Tale « Gilding the Lily said,

    […] December 28, 2007 at 9:10 pm (Current Affairs, History) Well you asked for it, antigenre, so here it is. Gilding scrounged up a little information on the previous owner, William Evers, and some of the history of the Deanses Bronx Mansion. […]

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