Accordian Relief

September 3, 2008 at 9:29 pm (Advocacy, Design) ()

Designed for disaster relief, the Recovery Shelter can house a family of four for a month with eco-friendly components, is cheap to produce, easy to produce, transports, configurate, and is reconfigurable, and adaptable to multiple environments. The shelter can be set up by a single individual in minutes, and collapsed into either of two configurations (horse-shoe or flat). And its made of 100% polypropylene, hence the recyclability.

The ridges of the Recovery shelter, created by its accordian-like design, can collect drinking water, and the structure can be covered in local materials for better insulation.

Shelter for the disaster ridden aside, the Recovery Shelter would make one bitchin’ camping tent.

From designers Matthew Malone, Amanda Goldberg, Jennifer Metcalf and Grant Meacham.

Link: Yanko Design


  1. iphone app said,

    This looks identical to some of Bucky Fullers temporary tank repair sheds. I believe he had patents on the products. Some of his designs had five sides instead of the three shown here, but with the identical folding technique. This resulted in a more compact collapsed object and more stability.

    • Gilding said,

      You are very right. I looked at some of Bucky Fullers’ works after your comment, and your right, the design shown here is very similar to Bucky’s design. The differences I can see (just based on the images I found) were that Bucky’s intentions for his spheres were their size versus the compactness of this design. But I do think that its hard to have an original thought anymore without having had it draw from some inspiration from someone else elsewhere (did that make sense?) I don’t recall that these designers out right said “it was all there own,” but I think that they’re design has an infinitely easier construction than the ones I saw from Bucky. I may be looking at something different from what you’re referencing, but in any case, it’s a smashingly brilliant idea all around. Thanks for the comment. I think I’m going to read some more on Bucky — what little I did read led me to find out about more inventions and things he coined that I recognized but had never gone out in search of it origins before, and now I know. ~<3 Gilding

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