The Peat Between My Feet

January 15, 2009 at 2:25 pm (Design)

So remember Gilding’s desire to bring the breath of green life into her apartment with some terrarium love. This spinoff is a little bit tripier to the senses but great for the toes. Whether or not Gilding is able to get over actually walking on the same budding green goddesses that peacefully grown in glass jars in her living room is another thing.

Basing the design on research that walking on fresh grass increases blood circulation, designer La Chanh Nguyen created the Moss carpet for use in the bathroom, taking advantage of the body’s increased circulation from the hot water. The carpet is made from imperishable foam called plastazote and various visually interesting mosses — ball moss, island moss, and forest moss. The humidity in the bathroom ensures that the mosses thrive.

Link: Yanko Design

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