Living Room Sexin

May 17, 2009 at 4:27 pm (Design, Humor)

Gilding could have sworn she had written something on this chaise, but perhaps it was just a birthday wishlist sent to Mr. Gilding. That’s probably what it was. There’s not much to write on them for they have an obvious design that is an abstract form of the female body, and is well known for being designed for the purpose of creating perfect kama sutra form while lovemaking. And if you visit the Trantra Chair’s website you’ll have a myriad of videos demonstrating a couple making love in an assortment of positions thanks to this chaise at your viewing pleasure. The chaise itself is gorgeous to look at and would be a nice piece of furniture to have in general, except that anyone with internet will know fairly instantly what the chaise’s actual design is meant for. But since the price tag of this piece carries more zeroes than Gilding is willing to part with at this time in her life, she never gave the chaise more than a naughty whispy thought and that was it.

But now — and this is why Gilding should stop reading apartment therapy — there is a more affordable version of the tantra chair being produced.

The Esse Chair is a lower priced alternative at just $500. And though it doesn’t come with all those nice soft-core tutorials, its the same effect and that’s what matters. Besides, you could always go back to the Tantra Chair’s website and partake of those — ahemmm…instructional videos.

But now that its relatively affordable, Gilding is now of the quandary, is in inappropriate to place the chair in what would be considered a “public living area” of your home. Think about it, isn’t it just a little bit naughty, erring on the side of nasty, having this thing in your living room where guests would essentially be sitting on the thing you’ve been sexin it up on? Not that Gilding would mind a bit the secret hilarity in that which would eventually culminate in the look of horror on her guest’s faces if and when they ever learn of the chaise’s actually use, but there is that little niggle of her mother’s voice somewhere in the back of her head admonishing her for doing something so wholly inappropriate.

Still…now that you’ve thought about it…it’s totally hilarious isn’t it.


  1. jean g said,

    how much is this chair . I want leather

    • Gilding said,

      Well, the Esse Chair starts at $500. But you can follow the hyperlinks to both Esse Chair and the Tantra Chair websites provided in the post to go to their official pages. There you should be able to find price, material, and shipping costs.

  2. H said,

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