To Break a Hip in Russian Ruins

June 12, 2009 at 5:22 pm (Ruins)

It is Gilding’s goal in life that if she must come to accept her mortality and that with it will come a certain certainty that she shall at some point in her frailty of age fall and break her hip, then by God she will do so while exploring some gorgeous abandoned building in Russia where the continuous shot option on her camera will catch every second of her descent in vivid photographic detail!

Until then, check out these photos of an abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, a former Russian territory. Since the collapse of the USSR, the railway connection of Abkhazia and Russia has stopped, leaving this railway station to be abandoned by humans and re-inhabited by nature.

Via English Russia via ru_sovarch.

Also to be found in the Abkhazia region, located along the Black Sea, in the once beloved home to Russian upperclass known as the “Russian Rivier” is this one time Prince’s home. Also a unique example of Russian architecture, this home, as well as the region, was once under Russian rule before communists came to power and nationalized most of the luxury property. During this time of Soviet era, the house was turned into an elite summer residence for Moscow higher-up men. But before all that, the home was built nearly two centuries earlier by special royal order.

This is what’s left of it today

The home has been abandoned for more than 20 years now. When the Soviet Union collapsed and every state asked for “as many independence as they could carry” (that is not Gilding’s bad grammar, its a direct quote, but we’ll cut them some slack, they are translating from Russian to English. Anyhoo…) this part of the Soviet state was left to Georgia. Then the war began. Now regions between parts of Georgia and Russia are independent. During this time, however, many of the villages and towns were abandoned and gorgeous monoliths of Russian architecture, such as this Prince’s home and the village underneath, have been left to ruin.

Via English Russia via MetroDream by Russos

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